Kollaboration currently supports regional volunteer teams servicing the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Atlanta metropolitan areas. These local teams produce high quality events and content to support and highlight their local communities, building a supportive platform for aspiring artists to perform, build their craft, and network with like minded people.

Local Programs


Talent Showcases

Kollaboration’s flagship talent showcases are a platform to discover and elevate local artists, providing them a stage to share their talents with their community and inspire newer generations with their art and stories. These showcases also act as qualifiers to select the regional representatives to the National Kollaboration STAR Showcase.


Open Mics & Spotlights

In addition to talent showcases, Kollaboartion teams also produce smaller scale events to spotlight and develop local talent. Open Mics provide a low pressure platform for artists of all experience levels to play in front of a supportive audience, and Spotlight Shows provide the community with a curated space to discover talented local artists.


Panels & Workshop

In addition to discovering and showcasing talents, Kollaboration is also dedicated to the profesional and artistic development of aspiring and working artists. Our local teams produce panels and workshop throughout the year bring together industry experts and professionals to discuss important topics and teach practical skills (and sometimes a dope dance routine).


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